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Fursys is a leading Korean manufacturer of office, educational and hospital furniture. Its products include desks and panels, premier class furniture, conference tables, personal computer (PC) tables, executive chairs, task chairs, multi-purpose chairs, sofa, sofa tables, lobby chairs, lounge chairs, partitions and other related items. Its products are marketed in the domestic and overseas markets including China, Taiwan, Singapore, Russia, Panama, Peru, Chile, Guatemala, Bulgaria and Saudi Arabia.

Most Fursys products are made in one of five factories, located in Pyeongtaek, Chungju and Eumseong. This enables it to guarantee quality and consistency while maintaining competitive prices.

Top of the line FURSYS products feature cutting edge technology and design that help improve work efficiency. These include ergonomic design, convenient systems and unrestricted layout that represent a new kind of office space that promotes creativity.

A modern day workspace is a collaborative space where individuals work together to create something new and useful, not just for themselves but the world at large. To meet this need, Fursys 퍼시스 홈페이지 offers a full range of workspace solutions that can be customized to the specific needs of each client.

Most noteworthy Fursys product is the enAble series, which incorporates an impressive list of high-tech features. Among them is a full-service intelligent office solution that includes desks, panels and other surfaces, plus storage units and other accessories to provide style, space and work efficiency.

Best of all, this series is available in multiple colors to meet a wide variety of needs. In addition, the company’s newest product, the FX-1, uses the most advanced manufacturing process and is the first urethane chair of its kind to earn BIFMA and ISO certifications.

Most importantly, if you’re looking for the best and most cost effective workspace solution to meet your company’s goals, Fursys has the right solution for you. Its FGS (Fursys Global Solution) can help you take your business to the next level by managing an entire furniture supply chain, from consulting and production to installation and after sales services.

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