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In the age of driverless cars, hands-free devices and digital everything, it’s no surprise that modern technology is making its way into bathrooms. From smart showers to high-tech toilet paper robots, these gadgets are bringing the bathroom into the future.

Stylish, smart bathroom upgrades not only look great and make your bathroom feel more luxurious, but many of them also add an extra dose of convenience and efficiency. Many are able to be controlled via smartphone apps, which means you can set the temperature of your bathtub or control the music in your shower, for instance. They can even make it easier to get ready in the morning or to relax at night.

If you’re considering a smart remodel bathroom remodel DIY, these modern gadgets are sure to impress guests and make your bathroom more enjoyable and comfortable. And, as an added bonus, some of these bathroom enhancements can help you save money on your utilities and energy bills.

1. Waterproof TVs

Catching up on the news, watching your favorite shows or listening to music in the shower or tub has never been more convenient thanks to the new waterproof TVs that are now available for your home. These modern bathroom gadgets are easy to install and designed to withstand moisture, making them perfect for the washroom.

2. Digital Showers

The newest trend in modern bathroom gadgets is the digital shower, which allows you to control everything from the water temperature and flow to chromotherapy or mood-enhancing lighting. And, if you’re worried about scalding or running out of hot water, these devices allow you to pre-set the temperature and have it turn on automatically before you enter the shower.

3. Sensory Toilets

No more getting up and down to change the toilet paper roll–these high-tech toilets do the job for you. They have motion sensors that detect when you are in the room, and they raise the lid for a more hygienic hands-free experience. They can also be programmed to flush automatically when you leave, and some even offer warm seats, spritzing wands and automatic dryers.

4. Wireless Sound Systems

Streaming your favorite tunes or relaxing to the sounds of nature are easy with a wireless sound system in your bathroom. These gadgets can be installed in the ceiling or in the walls, and some are even remote controlled.

5. Heated Floors

Cold feet are no one’s idea of a good start or end to the day. Adding heated floors to your bathroom is a simple but effective way to ensure that every step from the shower or bath is toasty. Plus, it can help to cut down on heating costs and reduce energy consumption in the winter.

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