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Many commercial warehouses and industrial facilities utilize floor coating systems to maintain a polished appearance. An epoxy floor finish is durable enough to stand up to a high volume of traffic while adding a beautiful aesthetic to the room. An experienced flooring contractor can create a custom epoxy floor design for your facility to meet the unique requirements of your space.

An epoxy coating company will use a mixture of epoxide resin and polyamine hardeners to create a chemical reaction. This reaction transforms the liquid epoxy into a strong and resilient coating. The resulting substance is then applied in layers to the concrete floor.

The resulting layer is thick and strong. The epoxy can withstand significant impact, and it is an excellent sealant for the concrete. This means that any equipment or tools dropped on the floor will not chip or leave a mark. Epoxy also protects the concrete from the elements. The tensile strength of the epoxy means that it can handle the weight of heavy machinery and vehicles without damaging the surface.

A good epoxy coating company will prepare the concrete surfaces before applying the epoxy coating. This is done with diamond-grinding or shot-blasting equipment. This process cleans the concrete surface and leaves tiny grooves on the concrete that can help the epoxy bond with it. The installers will then put on a primer that helps the epoxy adhere to the concrete. After this, the installation crew will apply the epoxy to the concrete and let it set.

During the process, the floors will be covered with plastic sheets to protect them from dust and debris. Afterward, the floors will be polished with a buffer to remove any scratches and give them a beautiful shine. This will reveal a smooth, glossy floor that is perfect for a garage, workshop, or storage area.

Epoxy floor coatings are easy to clean. They are stain resistant and can be cleaned with a mop, broom or vacuum. The epoxy floor will not stain from chemicals or oil spills, and the surface resists scratching if heavier cleaning appliances are needed.

An epoxy floor is a smart investment for any home or business owner. It is a durable, attractive option for any floor and will last for years to come. In addition, it will protect the concrete underneath and improve the overall look of the space.

Many people choose to decorate their epoxy floors with decorative flakes or chips. These add a visual interest to the floor, as well as better traction. They are available in a wide variety of colors and styles, so you can find the perfect fit for your space. Decorative flake options include speckled or marbleized designs that provide a more natural look, as well as a brighter color that will catch the light and shimmer. The reflective qualities of the epoxy coating also increase visibility, which can be a safety measure in larger spaces and rooms. The luster of the epoxy is also more appealing than that of painted surfaces, which tend to dull and yellow with time.

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