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While retirement may seem far off, the time to start saving for it is now. By making some simple changes in your spending and savings habits, you can boost your chances of having the funds you need.

You can even use tax refunds to your advantage. For instance, if you were laid off, you might be able to deduct the money you’ve accumulated to cover the lost wages. And if you are lucky, you could be eligible for a 401k match. The match is effectively free. However, you’ll want to double check your taxes to make sure.

A good first step is to educate yourself about the many ways to save. One of the most effective is to find part-time work. This can include coaching, teaching, notary services, and other low-paying jobs that keep you active. It also helps you build up your savings, which will help you reach your long-term goals.

Another option is to sell some of your things. There are a variety of sites that make this easy. Selling items you don’t need, such as your old TV or a car, is an excellent way to get rid of unwanted clutter. If you live in an expensive area, consider moving to a cheaper suburb or selling your home. These moves could save you a pretty penny.

Finally, while you’re saving, it’s also wise to take care of your health. Medical costs can add up over time. Taking your health into your own hands, such as by getting a physical exam and regular screenings, can pay off in the long run.

One of the simplest ways to do this is by checking out a popular site that facilitates the 5 Money-Saving Moves You Should Consider in Retirement  sharing economy. Taking advantage of ride-sharing and car-sharing apps can save you a lot of money. Also, taking a part-time job can allow you to still be active when you retire.

To truly reap the rewards of saving for retirement, you’ll want to invest wisely. Start with the minimum, and increase your contributions as you grow older. Use a combination of index funds and other investment vehicles, such as a roboadviser or a single target-date fund. When you’re ready to retire, you can roll your funds into a traditional IRA or a Roth IRA. Using an IRA is also the best way to get your hands on an individual retirement account, which is a tax-deferred account.

It’s easy to underestimate the importance of saving for retirement. Many parents sacrifice their retirement savings in order to ensure that their children are well-off. Likewise, if you are the primary income earner, you’ll want to make saving a priority. Ideally, you’ll have an emergency fund that can last you at least three to nine months of living expenses. Of course, you’ll also need a budget to cover those necessities. With the right tools and a little foresight, you’ll be able to afford to enjoy your golden years with confidence.

The most important piece of advice is to save early. Saving in the early stages allows your investments to grow more quickly, so they’ll be more useful to you when you’re ready to retire.

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