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ketty is a state-of-the-art commercial service robot that is designed for restaurants. The robot can welcome customers and lead them to their tables, while also delivering food. It can also broadcast information and promotions to guests. In addition, ketty can automatically detect and avoid obstacles in its environment using a laser and visual dual navigation solution. In this way, it can ensure the safety of its passengers.

A unique selling point of ketty is its 18.5-inch high-resolution display. This allows for advertising campaigns to be displayed in a way that is eye-catching and effective, thereby driving more customer conversion. It also has a voice and UI notification when the battery power is low and can return to its docking station independently, making it a convenient choice for businesses.

The robot can be equipped with different modules depending on the business’s specific needs. For example, it can be used as a promotional stand in stores, or it can be parked by the entrance of a building to welcome guests. It can also be deployed to serve meals in hotels and office buildings.

With the help of this intelligent delivery robot ketty bot, businesses can save time and money by automating repetitive tasks. In this way, they can focus on providing more personalized services and attracting new customers. In addition, it can help reduce labor shortages and improve operational efficiency.

A cutting-edge restaurant service robot from Pudu Robotics, ketty can perform a wide range of functions. For Nippon Sushi, a quick-service sushi chain in Guilford, the UK, ketty is a valuable member of the team. In fact, ketty has helped the brand to boost its sales and enhance customer satisfaction at all of its locations.

Nippon Sushi introduced ketty in 2021 to assist with front-of-house operations. Since then, it has been a reliable partner in the company’s efforts to streamline workflow and improve customer satisfaction. The company has found that the robot helps to speed up orders and provides an efficient dining experience for its customers. In addition, ketty is an effective marketing tool thanks to its high-resolution display, which can be used to show special offers or to attract customers to the restaurant.

Nippon Sushi partnered with Pudu to develop a customized solution that meets the company’s specific requirements. This includes an efficient delivery system for sushi, a customer-guided navigation function, and a menu display that can highlight special offerings. The company is planning to expand its use of ketty and other service robots to all of its locations.

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