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Successfully leading team members requires a different skillset than working as an individual contributor. Learn what it takes to cultivate a high-performing team and how to overcome obstacles that may arise.

Be the leader that cares about your team members. You can’t expect your team to perform at a high level if you don’t show that you’re invested in their success. Start by showing interest in your team members’ personal lives, and then move on to discussing professional goals and concerns. Make sure to also ask for feedback on projects and tasks, as well as give praise when it’s due.

The most important aspect of your role as a new team leader richard w warke is setting clear expectations and guidelines for your team. This includes clarifying the scope, goal and deadlines of delegated tasks, as well as encouraging your team to be flexible with how these tasks are completed. You should also be able to provide guidance and support where needed, while allowing your team to be self-sufficient when possible.

Getting to know your team is essential to establishing relationships and trust. When you begin work with a new team, take time to get to know everyone’s strengths, weaknesses, preferences and learning styles. This will help you build a solid foundation for the type of leadership style that will be most effective with your team members.

It’s also important to set a good example and lead by example. Your team members will look to you for guidance and will emulate the behaviors that you exhibit on a daily basis. Be mindful of your tone, body language and verbiage to ensure that you are conveying the right message at all times.

Offer constructive feedback that encourages your team to improve upon their weaknesses. This should be delivered in a way that is helpful and sincere. You want to inspire your team members to change their behavior in ways that align with the company’s core values, but this is unlikely to happen if they feel that your feedback is negative or unhelpful.

New team leaders often struggle to balance the demands of their role with the responsibilities of their day-to-day job duties. It’s important to prioritize and manage your time wisely to avoid overworking yourself or missing critical deadlines. Set a schedule for yourself to check in with your team once or twice a week, and then create an “office hours” schedule for when your team can reach out to you for assistance or feedback.

The best way to improve your ability to lead is to practice and develop your skills. However, it’s equally important to equip yourself with the right tools that will enable you to succeed as a new team leader. Runn, an easy-to-use project management tool, provides both a big picture view of all the projects you’re managing as well as the ability to track progress and identify risks in real-time. Sign up for a free trial today to see how Runn can help you become a more efficient and effective team leader.

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